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The registrant must maintain complete and accurate records in a secure storage location for five (5) years from the date of such records. All records must be readily available and retrievable to Northwestern University, the State of Illinois, or DEA Diversion Investigators, for audit purposes.

Template Documents



Annual Controlled Substance Inventory Form

· Use annually to document controlled substances currently stored at the registered location (State of Illinois requirement). 

·  Can also be used for initial and closing inventories.

·  Clearly label log “Initial Inventory” or “Closing Inventory” when used for these purposes.

·  If there are no controlled substances stored at the registered location, indicate, “Zero inventory – no controlled substances at present location.”

·  Also fulfills the DEA requirements for Biennial inventory

Authorized Personnel Screening Statement

· DEA required screening for all personnel that will access and/or handle controlled substances.


Authorized Personnel Log

· Used to identify personnel who have been screened and approved to handle controlled substances either as authorized personnel or an authorized agent.


Controlled Substance Inventory Log

· A “perpetual inventory” used to track controlled substances from the time of acquisition to the end of use (i.e., administration or disposal). 

· This log is used in conjunction with dilution logs and multidose logs to fully detail the use of controlled substances.


Controlled Substance Dilution Log

· For documenting use when powered controlled substances formulated in solution or the dilution of liquid controlled substances.


DEA Power of Attorney for Agents

· Required to authorize agents to act on behalf of the registrant.

· If an agent is not assigned, only the registrant can order controlled substances and sign DEA 222 forms.