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Ordering controlled substances

  • Controlled substances must only be ordered by the registrant or their authorized agents who have been assigned power-of-attorney.
  • Schedule I & II controlled substances must be ordered on a DEA FORM 222
    • The 222 form must be complete with no errors or it may be rejected by the supplier
    • The 222 form must be signed by the registrant or their attorney-in-fact
  • Completing the 222 form
    • Part 1
      • Enter only one item on each line and include the number of packages, the size of the package, and the name of the item.
      • After entering all items, in the last row, enter the last line completed (must be 20 or less).
      • Sign and date the form.
    • Part 2
      • Enter the supplier’s DEA number
      • Enter the supplier’s name and address.
    • Submitting the 222 form
      • Make a copy of the completed 222 form.
      • Mail the original copy of the 222 form with a purchase order to the supplier.

Receiving controlled substances

  • Reconcile items received with the purchase order and 222 form, checking each item for:
    • Name of drug
    • Concentration/size/volume
    • Quantity
  • Immediately notify supplier of any discrepancies with the 222 form.
  • Complete Part 5 of the 222 form for each item ordered/received.
    • Number received
    • Date received
  • File 222 form, packing slips and invoices with controlled substance records.